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services of design Web in valence

In INDUSTRY WEB we offer services of Design ready to use WEB. But we had you to secure that approach that your business needs.

From the knowledge of your business, his strategic lines, to the corporative image, we took care that your webpage is designed satisfying the requirements to appear in the first positions of the finders.

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What type of WEB I need?

DESIGN Web For Companies and industries

We generally offer our products and services to other companies or professionals and in some cases to the public.

DESIGN Web for professionals and small businesses

Our services go directed normally to the public generally, although also to companies and other groups.

WEB for doctors and other professionals of the health

I dedicate myself to offer professional services or of health to natural people, companies or to other professionals.

Because Dise±o WEB goes beyond a beautiful aspect.

When somebody speech of Design of Business, nobody thinks about colors nor styles. All we thought about numbers, yield and processes of work.

Why happen doesn't the same when we spoke of Design WEB?

Dise±o WEB goes beyond a beautiful aspect and impressive images. In fact everything must begin to know the client and what it worries to him, to offer solutions, an suitable approach to him its objective market and to obtain that it appears in the first positions of the finders, for the terms that their clients use. It does not stop those that are used in their business.

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Frequent questions on DESIGN WEB.

What is Dise±o WEB?

According to Wikipedia, €œthe design Web is an activity that consists of the planning, design, implementation and maintenance of websites.€ 

We concentrated to a great extent in the planning and in the maintenance as tools he nails to guarantee the good search engine optimization.

How obtained is Search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization obtains through strategies SEO. Basically it consists of analyzing the terms search of the clients of this Web and studying its competition. Later the contents based on the terms previously set out are generated, the architecture of the information is designed and the external liaisons look for necessary to obtain an authority facing the finders. We do not forget that it is specify that the design helps the user to find what looks for within the website.

How much cost does a Webpage?

Nor idea. It is certain€¦ not yet we know, we do not know you which is your necessity, how many different lines of business you have, nor other many things that we must know before venturing itself to give a price you.

For that reason, when we see announcements as €œyour Web by 1500‚¬ with positioning€, we cannot stop worrying us about which falls in their networks. 


Although the monthly maintenance of a Web is necessary, we give the option of maintenance either by us or by the own client.

When working with WORDPRESS, the generation of new entrances, adding or to suppress content, to change photos, is something that anyone is able to do. However, we recommended to take the maintenance at least during 4 or 6 months, since it is going to depend much on this work search engine optimization.

Of what the maintenance of the WEB consists?

Once defined the key words (keywords) it is necessary to develop all a periodic publication strategy, to manage to reinforce the positioning. Also it is necessary to follow the evolution of the metric ones previously defined, to be able to act consequently and little by little to be raising the main sections of the Web top 3 of the finders.

On the other hand, it is necessary to update plugins and subjects, something that on the other hand is practically very simple and it does not take work, until we underwent an error. For that, we start up backup copies.

is safe a design Web based on wordpress?

WordPress not only is safe. Also he is flexible and universal. More of 30% of the Webs of the world they are developed with WordPress. In addition its expensive use to the positioning is very positive SEO.

But for who says that WordPress is not safe, we will tell him that she will depend if she realises backup copies, if its password is safe and if has changed the name of user by defect. If we left the keys put in the house door, it will give equal if it is an armored door or the door of the safe-deposit box of the Bank of Spain.

More questions on Dise±o of the WEB for your Company? Because ahead, h¡znoslas. We are wishing to help you.