Why doesn't my Web attract Clients?

Frustrated because its Web does not attract clients

When a company or professional decides to start up a Web, it does not know two aspects:

  • That to only be in Internet, they are not going to find to him.
  • That a Web is part of a company project. (it gives equal if it is a small business, median or a professional).

I already have my Web in march.

But that did not know it when they sold the idea to him to start up his wonderful mega Web.

Numerous promises of Webs in 5 minutes exist or wonderful packages of search engine optimization, sure, soon the results are not the awaited ones.

€œYou will see as you obtain clients€ or €œWith the Web people touch to your door€ usually do not work. And much less when it goes disguised of mega ofertazo.

To really have a Web is part of a great project that includes different disciplines and that, first of all, must be always aligned with the strategy of the business or the Company. The Positioning SEO is really the form that will guarantee that your Web will be the showcase that will be in charge to realise the management of pick up of possible clients.

In fact the next week, we will begin a series of 10 programs on the stages that are followed to start up a Web that attracts potential clients for your business.

More common reasons by those than the WEB do not attract Clients

If we analyzed a significant sample of Webs of companies and businesses, we realize that practically a 75% are not developed thinking about attracting their objective public.

We have made that analysis and the main detected errors usually are the following:

They lack labels H1, H2€¦ (24%)

The labels H1, H2,€¦ Hn serve to establish a hierarchy in the offered information. They make reference to the titles and subtitles that we can find in a page or article. Therefore, whichever minor is his value, more important is the text that they frame. For example, if in our post we spoke of Sneakers, the main title of the post will be <H1> Sneakers </H1>. For the man sneakers we will use <H2>, like for those of Woman. On the contrary, for the sneakers of woman of running, sneakers of woman of aerobics, etc, we will use <H3>.

There is no sufficient content in many of the pages (thin content) (60%)

Not only the content must be sufficient. Although Google so is lately not obsessed with great amounts of contents, is recommendable to offer a sufficient amount of content (300 words at least). Of this form, as much the robot as the user, can respectively be made an idea if everything it is related to the subject of the site and to have the asked for information.

The parameters do not exist €œalt€ of the images or they do not bear relation to the content from the page (35%).

It is important that the images bear relation to the content from the page. Therefore, as the robots not yet are able to see an image and to interpret it, we will have to take care of two of the attributes of the same. One is obvious. The title. It is more recommendable than the image is called rojas.jpg sneakers, that img00234.jpg. The other attribute is the alternative text or ALT. Here we will be able to indicate what it deals with the image at issue so that the finder understands it.

This text will have to satisfy these requirements.

  • To faithfully describe the content of the image
  • To include the synonymous key words or, that previously have been defined for that page.

The contents well are not structured nor are correctly connected to each other (58%).

In addition to the structure defined by the H1 labels, H2,€¦, is vitally important for the SEO that the information is well structured throughout the site. This makes reference to how they must be prepared the pages to hierarchic level.

Another aspect is the internal liaisons. These must of being able to guide the user from our site to different articles and sections, related to the content that it has looked for.

The URL is not friendly (38).

There is much no to explain here. All we will agree in which this URL is friendlier: www.zapatillas-estupendas.com/zapatillas-de-mujer/zapatillas-de-aerobic.html, that this other: www.zapatillas-estupendas.com/content=%sr347cfklik/indice&tgd5634.html.

They are not prepared for movable devices (28%).

A recent study of La Vanguardia throws these data €œ92.1% accedes by means of the mobile, against a 77.5% of the laptop, a 67.4% of the one of tablecloth, a 58.2% of the tablet and a 33.3% of the television.€

Seen the sight, Google is prioritizing in the results to those prepared pages to be visualized from movable devices.

There are external liaisons no of quality (42%).

One of the forms in which the robots can find us is the existence of connections from other pages of greater relevance. In addition because these pages connect to us, they are transferring part of his authority, which will improve our positioning enormously. This discipline is called LinkBuilding and been, within the SEO, one of the fundamental pillars in any strategy WEB.

But in any case, the connections always must be of quality, that is to say, have relation with the content of the page destiny. They do not go merit either to us I connect reciprocal and we will have to take care of the fact of not having broken connections.

The Metadescripciones or are not defined and in many cases they are little or badly they are focused (73%).

The Metadescripci³n is the text that appears right under our URL when a user realises a search. Although Google no longer gives importance him concerning indexing, other finders as Yandex, Yahoo or Bing it seems yes that they look it.

But the greater importance of a good Goal Description is concerning user. When, after realising a search, they appear to us the results, he is inevitable to throw a look to this field to decide us by one of the URL's in particular. For sample a button.


Here we have thrown a pile of somewhat abstract concepts for you who you do not handle yourself in this of the positioning, but little by little will be shelling one by one all the aspects that do of a Web, a success Web, that is to say, that acts as for which it was realised.

But really so that everything works, first it is to know the rules the game. At the present time who marks these rules in the market, by his dominant position it is clearly Google. Reason why it is necessary to know what is what hopes of your website. From this form we will not become to ask why my Web does not attract clients.

In our next Post, we will try how Google at the time of considering or not a Web works in broad strokes.

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