How Google works

How work does a search in Google?

Google does not know it everything and it does not have a data base centralized with all the existing information in Internet, but it counts on tools as his robot or to crawler that it is in charge to know what pages it has available by thematic and concepts and to generate an updated listing of the pages that we can find in Internet.

We are going to divide in three sections the process of work of this dear and hated robot to equal parts. Although already I notice that their guts are a secret for the mortals. But we will be able to throw something of light exceeds how Google works.

as google works

1 ģ That Google finds me

The first part is to obtain that Google, that is its robot, knows that we existed.

This process denominates tracking and the robot or to crawler realises it of automatic form. Its work consists of, in broad strokes, looking for new pages and visiting other already well-known ones and visited previously to see if they have changed.

The new pages are discovered by several reasons:

  •  The proprietors or webmaster of the new pages communicate this fact to Google. In addition they will have to include a map of his website or sitemap, to facilitate the work to him and that as much knows the size of our Web, as the pages that compose it.
  • Pages already visited by the robot previously, that have incorporated new page connections.
  • Websites of lodging or hosting that asks for new trackings for pages lodged in their platforms.

In order to secure a good tracking and that Google visits your page it is necessary to follow three basic rules:

  • It solicits to Google that visits your page. But previously you must have defined in all your site a good architecture of the existing information, so that their robot is able to analyze the content and knowledge of what your site goes and if the information of you offer is easily accessible.
  • Any change that you realise, you will have to notify it, since if the robot finds failures, it can €œget upset€
  • It obtains that relevance pages include connections towards your pages and that these pages or the sections that connect to you, keep certain affinity with the contents that are connected. They are not worth the similar announcements nor. In fact, the policy of google is very clear and is possible that those phelp connections, or they are not considered, or they can penalize to you.

2 ģ That Google understands to me.

To this INDEXING is called to him. One is a process by which the robot, has to be able to understand envelope what treats your site. We already shelp in first of the rules of the previous section, that before soliciing to google that it rakes to us, we had to prepare the content well.

Ten in account that the indexing takes place once has raked you, reason why €œit is necessary to cause good impression€ and to obtain that the information who takes in his backpack the robot, is excellent for the users.

Again there are three rules that we will have to follow feet juntillas:

  • Beam that the page titles (it puts titles) are short and that has an excellent meaning.
  • It tries to use headed of page that reflects the main subject. What is the same: that the content of the part superior of the page reflects most important of the same.
  • The synonymous USA a rich language with and very clear explanations. Alternate it with images, but you do not forget to include attributes in the same as alternative text. Of this Google form he will be able to understand the page in all their context.

3 ģ That to Google it likes.

Google already has found and read the content us of our Web, therefore if the information that, as we shelp before, has taken in the backpack, is of interest for the public, it will consider to show it when somebody asks for a compatible search with our contents.

But the thing does not finish there. If we have done well the duties will have to pass the following thing when somebody realises a search:

  • We will be on the front page of results (SERP).
  • The user will choose to us between all the options thanks to the description (he puts description)
  • Once in our page, he will sail by her and one will not leave immediately to continue with the following results of the search.

We hope to have been able to explain to you how Google works. Here we have thrown many terms that you possibly do not know, but you are not oppressed. We are to explain them to you. In fact in the following posts, we will shell here all exposed and much more, so that you are able to understand of what we are speaking and being able to approach your project of webpage successfully.

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