Of what Search engine optimization consists

But What is the SEO?

One of the possible definitions of SEO is the set of techniques and oriented processes to improve the positioning and the visibility of a WEB in the results of the finders.

We are going to try, throughout this post to explain to you of what Search engine optimization consists, although your knowledge on the matter are very basic.


Positioning WEB in Valencia. Strategy SEO

Which is the origin of the SEO?

As it cannot be of another form, Search Engine OPTIMIZATION comes from the English acronym.

But this does not come from always. Internet existed without SEO, neither seeking, nor Google. But it has been Google that has impelled this discipline, that well could llamarses GEO (Google Engine Optimization).

Its origin goes back to years 90 when they began to appear the first finders. It was then when the companies began to realize of which it was possible to attract clients by means of the Webs. For it they had to understand how the web search engines worked and to act in harmony to gain positioning and visibility.

Naturally little it has to do the web search engines of that one then with those of now, that already clear the Artificial intelligence, the being able to analyze the semantics of the contents.

But in any case, as much in the homes as at present, the SEO always concentrates in the organic searches and not in those of payment.

How it influences a strategy SEO in my WEB?

A strategy SEO is not that it influences in a WEB. Simply it marks before and later. This it tenth not to say. WEB is based on works carried out by Industry in B2B sectors. That is to say, in sectors oriented on sale of services to other companies.

We say that everything is transformed in which, before the home of this strategy SEO, practically the entrance of contacts through the page was something anecdotal. On the contrary, some months after the implantation, are difficult that lead to the day is not received at least new.

But we go away in detail, that is possibly what the reader is looking for, we could mark several aspects that have caused this change in the tendency of entrance of potential clients:

  • A good structure of contents exists planned, where each text is written according to key words and with an agreed criterion, as much the user as to the finders.
  • There is a hierarchy of contents, with titles and headings structured well.
  • The internal liaisons favor so much the navigation or usability of that sail by the page, as the tracking and indexing of contents on the part of crawlers or robots of finders.
  • The times of load have improved, thanks to the optimization of the content multimedia and in cases, to the migration to hostings of greater yield.
  •  The policy of external liaisons is able to grant greater authority to our page.

I can optimize a WEB in operation already?

This is going to depend on how it has been realised. If a manager of contents as WordPress has been used, the answer is fully yes.

In other cases, it is possible that it costs plus the scourer that the mopped one. Luckily, the fact to use WordPress themselves has been some times to us of design and development, very low. Of this form, the really expensive task, that is basically the definition of the strategy SEO becomes practically 80% of the effort to realise. Reason why to carry out it in a website is the minor of the problems, economically speaking.

We recommended to you to visit our section of Positioning SEO so that you can complete this information.

We hope to have been able to you to have explained of what Search engine optimization consists. If you have doubts of how putting it in march in your own page, we will be enchanted to help you. For it is we are.

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