Strategy of business

This it is first the Post of a series of 13, where we will see what we must consider to create a Web that attracts clients, this one is Part 1: The Strategy of Business.

Before home€¦

The house never is necessary to begin it by the tile roof. First, first of all, at least to think about the laying of foundations, it is necessary to see where we are going it to build.

To give account you that the foundations are going to depend on the land type.

Then today we are going away to center in that, in the land. Or what is the same, taken to the land of a project of creation of a Web, in the business.

We will notice today that, little we will speak of technology, development, Web. Today we will concentrate in the business for which we want to attract clients.

Before doing nothing, it is necessary to know what makes the company. What products or services offer to their clients. Who are their clients and how they think. Or rather, how they look for.

At the time of creating a Web that attracts clients, in this part 1, we will analyze the business strategy.

Within the business strategy, we will distinguish three phases:

To create Web that attracts clients

To create a WEB for Companies: 1 Analysis of the business.

It is possible that the company for which we make the project Web or the consultancy SEO, carries out an activity that we do not know.

For that reason, first that nothing, is necessary to speak with them. Preferably it is necessary to speak with the commercial area or of marketing.

They are the one who more in touch are with the client. Who plus know it and who, after all, speak with him, they ask to him what needs and they know how to offer products or services to him.

Each product or service will have to be possible to frame it in a category and, those will be those categories that finally we use in landing pages.

The simplification will cause that the project is economic, at the same time as will obtain that the relevance of the pages is concentrated instead of to disperse.

We put, for example, a Web for a company of Mechanized. We would differentiate mechanized in center from mechanized in winch.

I would group it in the mechanized category cnc, that in addition is one keyword with great amount of searches and good searches, that is to say, mainly these searches are transactional. The one that looks for mechanized cnc, is looking for that service.

Or you can be glimpsing that, from the analysis of products or categories, we will leave to do keyword research or search of key words.

To create a WEB for Companies: 2 Analyses of the client.

Design of WEB for Companies: 2 Analyses of the client.

First, you will have to find out who is your client or who is your target. Later you will have to define who or who is the buyer-person.

Here it is possible to differentiate and to clarify these two terms.

Whereas target makes reference to a ampler aspect. For example, my target is companies of the sector of the machinery for feeding.

Buyer Person

Buyer-Person, tries to put to him expensive to whom will realise the transaction. To the interlocutor.

I associate it to the different stereotypes from buyers that we can be found in our businesses.

This is something simpler in the world of the retail, whereas in B2B the figure is rather more difficult to make specific.

Everybody knows clearly how it can be the person who enters to buy to the store of Bulgari. Which is its economic situation, which is its lifestyle, etc€¦ or how she is the person who is going to buy to a C&A. What we come to say is that the message is totally different.  What would happen if I go to the public of C&A with the message of Bulgari€¦. then the same.

And if use the language of that buys a Lamborghini to a group of buying potentials of utilitarian of average range.

To give account you that not even the communication channels are the same. Perhaps Or has somebody seen an announcement of Lamborghini in the TV? For that reason it is important to define the Buyer Person.

But how we determined buyer person in the B2B sector. How she is the person in charge of purchases of a machinery manufacturer? For that it is important to speak with our client and to try to put to him expensive€¦ to know if she looks for in google, if he is a user of Social Networks and which of them. Finally all this will be conforming which are their criteria at the time of showing preference for a result or another one in the finder.

To remember that we spoke the past week of puts them descriptions. Then this could there have capacity than we are speaking. And by all means, it will also determine the style of the page. The colors, the typography, the style of images, etc€¦

Customer Journey

Or what translated the Spanish it means: How it is the process of decision of purchase of my client, since it detects his necessity, inquires and finally it buys.

From we will make several decisions here, for example, how there is to work the Blog (if there are to have Blog), how there is to be structured the information. How it must of being the menu and what external liaisons we can need.

There are whole books that speak of Buyer-Person and Customer Journey. Tie to all this we have the funnel of conversion or funnel of sales. 

This funnel we exclusively did not find it in the surroundings of marketing, digitalis. It is a very old concept€¦ previous to Internet.

We imagine to commercial that it must visit 100 clients to be able to pass 10 budgets, of which 2 will be approved to him. That is a funnel€¦ says to us how much work we must make to secure the wished results.

In Web it passes the same€¦ how many visits we needed so that they leave his data us in the form. And how many of the forms that arrive to us they become clients finally.

Customer Journey

To create a WEB for Companies: 3 the competition.

Design Web for companies

Of each phase of previously exposed, we are obtaining data that to little by little will be saying us how we must to generate the contents, how they will have to be structured and how we will have maquetarlos for that objective public.

If we have secured the key words (thing that we will see in next the post) and already know to whom we went and how it realises the searches, we will have to also know the land game. That is to say, with whom we are going away to face and how it interprets the rules of the game.

There is a discrepancy to each other we must make case to the competition or€¦ I do not think that, we must at least know it. Soon already we will determine if we followed its game, improving it. Or on the contrary we are going to establish some totally disruptive rules. But in my opinion, not to consider our competitors is a serious error.

This is only the principle to be able to create a Web, the business strategy. And not less important it.

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