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If not yet you have read the previous entrance of our Blog, we recommended to you that you do it before following with this one. It will help you to spin all the strategy necessary to understand all the necessary steps so that your WEB attracts clients. In this post titled TO CREATE a WEB, Analysis of key words, we oriented on as selecting to you and analyzing the key words for your page. Following with the resemblance of the construction of one it marries, used in the post previous, already we have the land. That is to say, or we have analyzed the business and are defined perfectly products or services for which we want to obtain clients. Then with the land already selected, now we are going to initiate the laying of foundations. You consider that, like in a construction the foundations are the most critical part, in a development project WEB for a Company, the key words are those that will determine the good operation of this one at the time of attracting qualified visits

What are the Words Clave or Keywords?

In order to begin, we want to make clear that it is not necessarily an only word. They are words or expressions that define products or services of our business and that they connect to us with the searches of the users.

For example, mechanized of pieces it is a keyword. It is the service that we offer. But now we must find out if our potential clients use these terms search companies as ours. This we will see it more ahead.

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How chosen are the key words?

The first step is to choose the €œkey words seed€ that they are the expressions that soon will take us to the definitive key words.

In order to obtain those words seed it is necessary a fundamental tool: Common sense.

Sense common and to have happened first through an analysis of the business, as we commented in the previous entrance of the blog.

If we followed with the example of a company of mechanized, the key words seed will be derived directly from the supplied services: Mechanized, It cuts Laser, Boilermaking, Assembly of Machinery,€¦

How we know if one keyword is right or no?

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This is one of the phases critics in any project SEO, since if we avoided it and they are not the real words seed of our business, we will be more with the following problems:

  1. The first and less important one is than we will make a pile of work that will not be used for anything.
  2. The really serious second and, is that the work really is not that will not serve, but will cause an inadequate positioning to us that soon can cost to us to correct much.

We are going to enter a little depth in this second problem. We imagine that we choose an inadequate keyword. We put an example: The word weld is used normally search companies that provide consumable equipment of weld and, but does not stop to offer services of weld.

Therefore if we positioned ourselves with that word, probably what it will happen is that the people that is looking for consumable equipment or, when doing a search, we will appear to him we. Probably they will click in our Web, but when entering and seeing that we do not offer what they are looking for, they will leave and continue with the search.

Consequently direct of this, Google will see that we are not satisfying the necessity with the user and will penalize to us, making to go down to us in our position in the SERP.

Returning to the question that we did at the outset, there is a great gratuitous tool that will help us to detect if the words initially selected, are adapted to the expectations search of the users. It is called, neither the more nor the less, that GOOGLE.

If we opened Google and we introduce the selected words, we will only have to analyze the results. IF we see that these results are in line and so we hoped, the words at issue will be really key words seed.

An additional advice: You take note, when writing the words in the finder, of the suggestions that appear. Also you throw a look to the foot of the finder. There you will find a pile of suggestions of searches in blue under the inscription: €œrelated searches€

Tools to select Words Clave or Keywords

Tools key words

Given that this phase is one of most important because it constitutes the foundations of all the development SEO, it is worth the trouble to have a good battery of tools to assure to us that we did not leave anything.

Since each maestrillo has its booklet, a universal prescription does not exist, but that there is in that all we agreed. The use of an only tool is not advisable.

We in particular used three or four tools:

  • Google adds.
  • Seolize.
  • Answer de Public.

Among them there are some of payment, as Seolyze, another gratuitous as Answer the Public and Google Adds, and finally Keywordtool that has a gratuitous part. This part free by itself is not valid since it does not offer the volumes of searches, but that used next to the rest, help us to identify if we have left something in the inkpot.

Also we have others as Semrush. A very powerful tool all-in-one or Dinorank, developed by the friend Dean Rosemary, that has a great amount of functions and that in addition has a price without competition.

We are not going to enter to explain how they work each of them since a pile of tutorial in YouTube exists, that surely explains it better than we.

Anyway, the work form consists of introducing keywords seed and these tools will throw a pile to us of words that related to them and will give us the volume of searches on the same.

How to use Key words in our Web?

Basically the key words them we will have to locate in certain sites, so that Google positions us by them.

In P¡ginas or Landing Pages.

There are different locations where they cannot lack:

  1. Titles.
  2. Headings (h1, H2,€¦)
  3. Metadescripciones.
  4. Images
  5. Contents.
  6. Internal liaisons.

As tenth in the introduction of each podcast, this it is a podcast for not initiated, reason why you are not scared, we are not going to give any skillful class on writing of contents, nor on how keywords in the different sections are introduced. Here you have a video where we explained to you how to find out if in your Webs properly are located the words for which you try yourselves to position. That is to say, what is what appears as Title, H1,€¦

In the entrances of the blog.

Each entrance, like each one of the pages, must have an objective: it is not necessary to publish nothing without having an objective well-defined.

In the entrances we found the same elements that any landing: Title, metadescription, etc€¦

In the external liaisons.

Until now we have been always speaking of SEO OnPage, that is to say, those techniques and action of positioning that we realised on our page. Nevertheless, when we spoke of external liaisons, we spoke of SEO OffPage, that is to say, action that we realised outside our page. Also the advertising actions in means, distribution of flyers are SEO OffPage, fairs, etc€¦

Returning to the external liaisons, when we ordered or we secured an article in an external site, the key words them we will have to use so much in the text, that is to say, contents, as in the anchor text or text that contains the connection or hyperbond that aim at our site. Here


We hope that this post TO CREATE a WEB, ANALYSIS OF KEY WORDS, you has been of help at the time of selecting those keywords that will cause that your page attracts a great number of visits.

This and all ours posts we commented them in the main platforms of podcasting. You do not lose them to you.

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