To create a WEB. Analysis of Key words 2

The process of harvesting of Key words

Manual is again a process totally and that requires therefore patience and certainty. It is one of the parts of the previous analysis SEO to start up a Web, that more time consumes. However, it deserves a dedication of time, revision and later analysis.

The use of a spreadsheet is essential. It allows us to be locating the words detected by means of the tools previously commented, to realise arrangements by number of impressions or different criteria. In addition, in the process of final analysis, when by means of google, we see if they are adapted or no, we could be valuing them and always we will have left a witness. Thus we will be able to remember because we chose a word instead of another one, or if we forgot some. You consider that we will not be results until past about four or six days old. And the memory of which we did not dedicate ourselves only to a thing, is very volatile.

In addition this is not something static. Our page, thanks to some key words, will be in a position and will be varying. When it raises, there will be no problem and we will celebrate it, but when it lowers, we will have of being able to react. It is these moments when we will have to throw hand of our texts, of the tool and spreadsheet as SEOLYZE, that will give tracks us of what it is what we must do.

Naturally, the reaction before a slope, never must of being precipitated. The slope can have its origin in a change of algorithm of Google or in the appearance of another competitor. But first of all it cries out and to see come them.

To create a Web that attracts clients. Analysis of key words

We differentiated two processes from an¡lsis of different key words, based on the destiny of shelp keywords.

Keyword Research for Pages

When we spoke of pages, normally we showed preference for keywords short tail or tail medium. What translated to language for humans: Between one and three or at the most 4 words.

We have to concentrate in the words more directly related to our units of business and that more volume of searches they have. We will use them so much in URL, as in the TITLE and main heading or holders.

A very frequent error that even comments companies dedicated to the design Web, is to use as headings words as €œthe news€, €œour equipment€ and similars. As we shelp in our podcast number 2, which is doing is to use the power of headings does not stop to position, but as text style. You consider that each heading has associate a different typography with a weight, capital letters, etc. 

This to a profane one, perfectly can confuse it and make him think that they are as the styles of a text processor. But since you have been able to verify, nothing else far from the reality. The problem is that it is not an isolated fact, that even occurs in webpages realised by companies.


Keyword Research for Entrances. (BLOG)

The process of selection of key words for the entrances of our blog is exactly the same that stops the pages. Without embargohay some shades that we will have to consider:

  • To center to us in tail Long words more. Preferably from 4 words.
  • To think about problems of the users and you try to provide solution to them. In this case, keyword or keyphrase will be the starting point of the content of the post.

These words longtail have a smaller volume of searches, but these searches are more precise and they help us to position the entrance of very precise form. In addition usually they have much less competition.

Study of the competition Online

Now, once selected the key words, it is necessary to see who is positioning by the same in the finders.

For it there are several ways. Normally the mentioned tools previously, usually give a listing us of pages that are competing by each one of the words and the position that occupy in the SERP. In addition some to them, even offers information to us on the strategy used by them. Normally they tell us what terms use in titles and in headings and which they are his metadescriptions. Also usually they tell us what external liaisons have and its nature.

In the case of not using these tools, by means of the finder, we introduce each one of the words and we took note from whom position by them. Later we entered each of them and we studied his headings, titles, etc.

Also we have a gratuitous tool as Ubersuggest, that can help us much with this work.

Up to here we have arrived with the most excellent aspects of the analysis of Key words. If you have some doubt or you wish that we extend this or another information, you do not doubt in contacting with us. It will enchant to be able to help to us you.

This and all ours posts we commented them in the main platforms of podcasting. You do not lose them to you.

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