Architecture of the Information

We have already taken a few very important steps and, little by little, we are discovering aspects to date unknown by the majority of mortals, whose necessity is not other than to be able to be able to increase the portfolio of clients through its Web of company.

We have seen how the first step to give must of being to know the business well and of focusing it from the point of view of the final client.

Before, even, we got to discover how Google works.

Next we saw how extract those terms that the clients use to locate companies as yours. And soon we have given some brush-strokes about where there are to use these words or keywords to obtain that google considers to us at the time of including to us within its results.

Image of architecture of the information

If there are lost something of this, you would have to read previous ours posts. Of this form you will spin better everything what comes next.

Immediately, we are going to enter matter already.

The today post calls the Architecture of the Information.

First that nothing we are going to see what is understood by architecture of the information.

What is the Architecture of the Information of a Web?

This that sounds so pompous, is not another thing that the form as we are going to distribute the information within our website. That is to say, how we are going to structure the different pages and how we are going to connect the contents to each other so that, as much the user, as the robot of google, is able of:

  • To become an idea of how this information without losing itself in the way is distributed.
  • To sail by and the easily intuitive site.
  • To understand the context of all the content and to have a vision to near the thematic one of the site.

Why so is important a good architecture of the information?

We have always shelp that the analysis of key words is the base of the strategy SEO. Following the resemblance of the construction, they would be as the foundations. Good then, the architecture of the information would conform all the structure of the building. The plants, the distribution of the houses, the stairs, the hollows of the elevators and the form in which the different landings unite the houses and give exit them to the patio.

Returning to the land of the SEO, it consists of which already we aimed previously: the menus, the hierarchy of pages, the internal liaisons, etc€¦

But before entering flour we are going to set out the factors that are seen more affected by the architecture of the information:

€“ It affects to the experience of the users.

We want that those people who enter your Web, find of simple form what they came search. Also we wished that they discover other excellent aspects of your site, which will cause that the time of navigation is superior.

€“ It affects the Tracking.

If you remember episode 1, in that we commented how google worked, we commented that one of the first tasks was the tracking. That is to say, the discovery of our pages.

With a good architecture (that soon we will see in what consists), we will obtain that crawler it crosses all our site (or at least those pages that interests to us more) in the smaller possible time, without it exhausts his budget (budget tricks out of).

€“ It influences in the Indexing to the robot of google.

Again we returned to episode 1. After the tracking the indexing comes. We shelp that the indexing allows google to understand of what the page goes and how it is structured. Good, because if the architecture well is designed, when our page appears in the SERP, will have an attractive aspect, showing the six sections of greater authority of the page.

It seems easy truth? Then it is not€¦ good difficult it is either, but it is necessary to use two essential tools:

Common sense and Patience.

In addition, it is necessary to consider a series of criteria that we will try to leave you clear throughout this chapter.



How to design an architecture of the oriented information to SEO?

As it comes being tonic habitual in the strategy SEO, there is no a skillful formula that causes that everything works. Each case is different. , In two cases practically equals, even doing the same, obtain different results.

Therefore, we are going here to give to a series of advice or tips that can give tracks you on if your Webs have a more or less suitable structure. In addition, if you are in process of development of a new Web, you will be able to speak of you to you with the agency that is going it to you to do.

€“ Most important, above.

As crawler it begins from top to bottom, you do not play it to you. As much for the structure of the website concerning hierarchies of pages as of contents, the most important aspects will have to always go to level superior.

To the users it passes the same to us. When we read the press, we remained with the holders and we began to read the news. If soon we decided not to finish reading it and happened to another one, we have remained at least with both first paragraphs.

€“ The USA simple structures.

You do not generate complex structures with great number of levels. We have to try that everything is to a maximum of 3 clicks of home.

Less it is more. The user has just a short time and in a look a clear idea must become of the structure. The robot the same.

SILO exists a called architecture that, when the contents are extensive (although it is possible to be extended to a great number of circumstances), help to the simplification and the grouping of similar contents. In this case, the main law dictates that connections between elements of different silos cannot exist.


However, normally, for small sites, the best thing is a linear structure, where it is easier to distribute authority. Next, I invite to see the one to you that for me is the best video on the management of interlinking.

It consists basically of creating a logical hierarchy in the menus. For example: mechanized and within mechanized: winch, mills, multitask€¦.

The obtained advantages are:

  • Simplicity and logical structure.
  • Possibility of shortening the URL's.
  • We force the robot to travel by where we want (reason why the use of connections is not advisable €œdofollow€ between the different categories).

€“ A structure of internal liaisons creates most intuitive possible.

Another form to help to users and robots is connected internal or interlinking. The own nature of Internet part of connected texts to each other. Then that is what there are to do.

If we are speaking of mechanized and we make a mention to the mechanized one after the weld, it is normal that we have a connection that leads to us to this page. Of this form the user will be able to travel towards the weld page, where he will find the information regarding that term.

In addition to the help to the navigation of the user and the robot, the connections help to distribute the authority of the site. Or what is the same, to indicate what pages are most excellent of our website.

Next I invite to see the one that for me is the best explanatory video on interlinking or management to you of connections.

€“ It generates groupings of contents.

Possibly it will sound to the term CLUSTER to you of other scopes of the businesses. Here also we used it. We are not less going to be.

If it is possible, the grouping of pages by similar categories, will facilitate the user to locate what it interests to him, while to offer more related information to him.

In e-commerce this is the call cross-selling. If purchases a mobile, also offers related articles to you as the covers, earpieces, etc€¦.

Although this is only a note more on a subject than dense, we hoped to have been able to help to you as regards the Architecture of the Information.

Also it will enchant to us that you contact with us in order to pose your doubts and subjects to us that you want that we treat in futures posts and podcasts. It continues sailing by ours page and it discovers how we can help to obtain more clients you.

This and all ours posts we commented them in the main platforms of podcasting. You do not lose them to you.

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