6 Conclusions

What is user experience?

All we have heard speak at some time of user experience and, normally, all we directly associated it with the surroundings Web.

Gross error. Experience of user is something more cross-sectional and it is applied to all the scopes of the design. Because it is in the stage of the design where this aspect is tiled.

In addition also usually one is confused experience of user with usability or simplicity of handling.

The user experience goes beyond which a product or a Web is easy to use. It has to do with how it makes us feel the fact to use it.

  1. Several cases can occur:
  2. The product is difficult to use and it leaves a bad sensation us, while it frustrates to us.
  3. The use is simple since the indications are clear, but is aspects that are to us little attractive.
  4. The product is simple to use and when we finished, we felt satisfied it to have used.

It is difficult to use, but we enjoyed him (this case is very improbable).

Our objective is clearly case 3.

We again put an example related to the construction. We think that the building already is done and entered the patio. We went to a house but we do not know where it is nor in what plants. We only know that it is door 10.

If when we arrived at the patio, it smells of clean, he is well illuminated and in addition we have a very clear se±al©tica that it indicates the number to us of houses by plant and in addition the location to the elevator is very clearly defined, we will have secured to the case number 3.

The experience of user (UX) and the positioning

Ever since we began the Podcast, we have been repeating of incessant form which is the objective that we must persecute to secure a good positioning. And we will over and over again continue repeating it: To be aligned with the policy of Google, that is not other than to give the user what it looks for.

In other words: to satisfy the user. Of there the evolution of the algorithm towards being able to know what perfectly she treats our Web with the purpose of to be made arrive at those users who are looking for exactly what in her we offer.

Experience of user

In the homes, the winning horse in the results search was that one Web that had more times repeated the word that the user had introduced as term search. And that independent of the content of the page.

But luckily that has changed. Since perfectly we could look for €œrental cars€ and the page that repeated that concept 500,000 times was the one that appeared in the first place. But when doing click in her, we could be a page of any other thing. How you would feel? You would say that the experience had been good. Clearly no.

Good, because after all this dissertation, we can yes affirm clearly that although UX in himself does not affect directly to the positioning, in essence that influences. If Google is able to detect in our page landlords that they indicate that the user experience is positive, will have it considering preferred form at the time of giving answer to future searches related to our contents.

How to improve the experience of user of your Web?

Naturally putting you in the skin of the usuary potential. But this so obvious and simple affirmation hides many things behind. UX is a discipline in itself. As we shelp at the outset, he is not something exclusive of the surroundings Web, although we are going here to focus in this sense.

Masters and exclusive courses of UX exist, with own methodologies. In fact we can find much information on this type of formation in UXER School.

But the aim of this chapter is only to always give some brush-strokes on the matter and from the point of view of the design Web thought for the positioning SEO.

Reading magnificent a post of Nacho Monterde in his SEO AZUL page, it points a term that suitable super encounter. Nacho speaks of €œAnswer of User€, that is to say of how the user with our page interacts. That will give the measurement us of how satisfied has been in its stay in our WEB

  1. The main aspect that handles is TO SATISFY the USER. And if the simple things are understood better, Nacho has nailed it in its blog when summarizing in two points how to take it to end:
  2. To choose terms for which we are able to satisfy the user.

To assure to us to satisfy it when it finds us by these terms.

Although this is the essential, he is not the unique thing. It makes reference to the contents, but there are other many factors that are going to influence in an UX positive.

Factors that influence in a good experience or answer of user


He is the fundamental thing and we already finished it exposing. It is necessary to choose well on what we are going to speak, that is in line and so the user is looking for and to offer to him exactly what he looks for.

As always we will put an example able to illustrate this.

    If we have a blog on cars and we wrote a post on the evolution of the prices of the cars, normally we will attract public who wants to buy a vehicle and is looking for the best supply. In this case the user experience will be totally negative and it will cause successive bounces to us. When detecting landlords of entrance in our page and immediately return to the SERP, our page will not manage to rankear.

    Simplicity of use

    This is difficult to define since it is a subjective aspect to a great extent. Despite there are certain elements that are of obligatory use and that in addition usually they are always in the same site, whatever page.

    Nobody would paint of green color the key to hang and of red the one to off-hook on a telephone. If you are usuary of MAC, the bellboys to diminish or to maximize a window, independent of the application that we are using, the delays to always find to the left.

    It is possible that you think that this is fought with the innovation in the design and disruptive designs, but is not thus.

    For it they exist technical of testeo that will tell us if we are in certain or the no. and one of them, we have it within reach:

    It takes to people of your surroundings who more or less can be framed within buyer person to who we went. Do to them that they sail by the Web and asks to them. Simple but effective, no?

    Also the test A/B and the heat maps exist, that will tell us how the user is interacting and if they do what we hoped or no.

    Speed of load

    Every time this goes more quickly and if we spoke still more in movable surroundings. Would somebody be expected more than 6 seconds to that it loaded a page? And if we hoped ourselves and after to enter home, whenever we choose an option, each new window takes other 6 seconds How much you think that the user in closing our page will take and looking for another one?


    Speech by itself. It enters soon the page of Apple and https://www.theworldsworstwebsiteever.com/

    • We have chosen two ends so that you can understand to what we talked about, but are aspects that we must consider when we design or we order the design of our Web:
    • To use clear and legible sources and maximum 3 different ones (although they can have exceptions)
    • Not to write interminable paragraphs.
    • To choose colors adapted with the sector or the thematic one of our site.
    • To employ simple bellboys, little recharged and in places that could be hoped that they were.

    To watch operation of forms or if you have e-commerce, that the route since we choose a product, until finalized the payment, is clear and intuitive.

    How to measure UX?

    On the march we have been leaving miguitas of bread that can give tracks you of how to know if the users of our website have had a good experience in the same.

    Rate by ricochet

    Normally if when somebody enters our page and leaves immediately, we can think that we are not satisfying its search. Take it with tweezers since if our page has a telephone or a direction and that are what looks for, normally the following thing that they do is to go away of the page.

    Number of pages by user

    To greater number of pages by user, we can think that better it is the experience. But it is necessary again to analyze the information with care. It could happen that it has not found what looked for easily.

    Dwell time in the page

    If what we offer are contained extensive, it will be a crucial factor.


    One cannot be expert in everything and in addition the resources to the companies for development are limited, but your project is very great, you will have to resort to experts in UX.

    When this is not possible, it uses two resources again:

    Sense common and to be based on those pages that work well and have recognized good an UX.

    We hope to have helped to you once again and remembers that it will enchant to us that you contact with us to pose your doubts and subjects to us that you want that we treat in futures posts and podcasts. It continues sailing by our page and it discovers how we can help to obtain more clients you.

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