The contents

Good, we have been crossing different aspects until getting to speak of the contents of the WEB.

Allow us that, a day more, we let a retrospective one to concentrate and to know where we are and how much way we still have left to cross.

We already know which is our business and have identified our to buyer person and we know, more or less, which is his to customer journey.

On the basis of that we have invested a pile of hours and effort in determining which are the key words that employ our clients search businesses as ours.

Also we have raised which will be the structure that we want that it has our Web. Although, arrived the moment, we will be able to print some change with the purpose of to improve it.

On the other hand, in the previous podcast, we also saw what is user experience, we differentiated it from usability and we are then already at readiness to begin to work on the Web.

What are the contents of a WEB?

Although it is a question that apparently has an obvious answer, we considered that it is necessary to realise a series of appreciations and detailings.

The content is EVERYTHING, I repeat, EVERYTHING what it is going to contain our Web and that will be open to our visitors. Or they are people or robots. When tenth robots we talked about when crawler, bots€¦.

This point in which tenth that the content of your WEB is worth so much for people as for robots, means that it is going to us to force to design those contents for both.

The contents of a Web

The contents because they form texts and the elements multimedia (bellboys, images, videos, etc€¦). You remember that all these elements multimedia have attributes that are interesting for the positioning.

But care, the texts we can find them not only in the paragraphs, but also in headings or headed.

How to write up the contents of a Web?

Centering to us now in the texts, we have to remember once again, (and she will not be the last one) that, as we come from the home giving the live coal, first is always the user. It means that already it was back in the time those techniques to repeat over and over again a term to position it and to find Webs us that seemed written in Indian.

On the contrary, dividing of that we have a listing with key words, we will have to use all the synonymous possible ones, to write up of exquisite form, but without losing of view that are terms that cannot lack.

There it is the grace. For that it is necessary to be ordered and to plan what words constitute the greater volume of searches. It remembers that they will have to be always aligned with our business and will have to be able to offer contents that satisfy the user.

We can divide the content of our Web in the following parts:

Headed and title

For that reason, those more strategic words, will be those that will determine the title of the page.

Next we will make a series of subdivision of the same to give headed origin to the H2.

If it seems to you we are going to do a reminding one on the headed ones. Why they are and why no, as well as where to find them.

This would be as the sections of a book. The serious H1 the title of the book and the different chapters the H2.


So we are going to begin that way.

We put an example: We will attack the sector of the illumination.

We imagine that we are going to start up a Web to promote a company of sale of lamps and similars. And we have keyword already research.

Home is the page of greater authority, reason why we have to take advantage of this circumstance.

Naturally the title could be: Sale of lamps in Valencia. And so if somebody looks for that term, if is fulfilled a pile of circumstances and the stars align themselves, our page will be first that appears.

The H1 in our opinion must of being most similar to title to reinforce the term and to give coherence to the page.

From there, already we can begin to define the following headed, that is to say the H2.

These, will also have of being coherent with the main subject of the page. You imagine a Web whose t­tle and h1 turn on cars and in the H2 we are sneakers or articles to dress that they are not related to the cars€¦

In the case of the illumination and, after putting a brief text explaining what makes the company, but of very brief form.

We personally would settle down the H2 following by the categories of illumination with greater volume of searches.

In the case that the most looked for is illumination of inner outside or, those would be our H2. If the searches go by the line of dining room lamps, it is that case, would point towards H2 of the style €œlamps of dining room€, lamps of dormitories€, etc€¦

But each case is going to come determined by a Keyword specific Research. We are speaking only of an example whose aim is to help to illustrate the purpose of the headed ones that so badly raised is in a great number of websites.

From the H3, the importance more is diluted and the purpose has more to do with helping the user who with the positioning, although all help because nobody knows exactly how the search algorithm works.

The paragraphs

The paragraphs are the texts that are not considered as headings. Here we have to throw the rest. We have to make an exquisite writing. It must of being clear, not having paragraphs extensive and to contain the key words and synonymous.

You remember that a good writing, with rich contents in terms related to the subject of the page, is key so that the finders consider us as a good candidate to be shown in the results search.

We hope, once again, to you to have been of utility. Despite it remembers that, if this interests you of SEO and to create webpages (or to order that they do them to you), you have different forms to have more information.

You have the Podcast, as we indicated you on the foot of this post and also you can contact with us directly and pose doubts, suggestions to us or simply realise commentaries on any term related to this thematic one.

This and all ours posts we commented them in the main platforms of podcasting. You do not lose them to you.

It lets a commentary