The Blog. Reinforcing the positioning

In this chapter we are going to try about the blog. We are going to see what is, what utilities have and when he is interesting to have a blog in our corporative WEB.

The blog is the tool most important to contribute value to the user and that is what we always looked for to improve search engine optimization.

But we are going to begin by the principle€¦

What is a blog?

This of the blog is not something new. In 1997 a North American writer called Jorn Barger used the term Web log or weblog to describe the fact to write down in his Web a series of interesting articles as a binnacle.

In fact in 1999 Peter Merholz €œblog€ coined the term, when still it was a rising sort.

A blog is still, after all, a webpage that contains a series of publications chronological ordinates, that are updated periodically and that usually treat thematic a concrete one.

Therefore, when somebody has asked to us in what a blog is different from a Web, usually responds to him with another question: in what a cat is different itself from an animal.

The blog. Reinforcing the positioning

Therefore, we can define three aspects that characterize a blog:

He is periodic

The desirable thing of a blog is that the different entered publications or have a periodic character. When we entered a blog and we see that the last entrance goes back to a year, first that we thought it is that the Web is left.

It admits commentaries

A blog is preparation to admit commentaries of the readers, although this function is deactivated in many cases. to admit commentaries, these usually are moderate, therefore the administrator has the power to approve them and to publish them or to reject them. This is recommendable to avoid disagreeable situations as insults or insertion of connections towards little recommendable Webs.

One concentrates in a thematic one

A blog usually deals with thematic a concrete one, being able to be divided the entrances in categories, thus to improve the user experience, when helping him to classify according to its interest. For example, a blog that tries on novels, can have categorisen the entrances by the different sorts: historical novel, science fiction, etc€¦

Types of Blogs

We already shelp that a blog is, after all, a Web with entrances. But it is possible to find Webs that are essentially blogs and Webs that contain blogs as well.

Reason why one first classification could be this one.

Blogs 100%

Normally, this type of blogs usually is used as a personal binnacle. All we have heard speak of the figure of blogger.

Therefore, it is not difficult to deduce that they are the best way to create a personal brand. In them usually they treat monothematic aspects, reason why the author, demonstrating his expertise on that subject through articles, has the power to be elevated as blogger expert, thus harnessing his personal brand.

The purpose of a blog can go from the necessity to share a hobby, to create a series of publications on a subject that gets passionate to the writer, to a to be means to gain the life.

This type of blogs normally is sent to the great public, although there are some very vertical, that is to say, centered in minority subjects.

We can find blogs on almost any thing. Prescriptions of kitchen, classic construction of rockets, vehicles,€¦ The more vertical it is a blog, better is able to position in finders, since it has the less competition.

Blogs within Webs

Or Webs with blogs. The same is.

This resource is the one that brings to us here. We, Industry WEB, dedicated themselves to the company and a blog is vital in many of the cases.

It is certain that all the companies do not specify a blog in their Web, but those that yes are certain is that it contributes much value. And the contributed value is what google persecutes and what will do that our page rankee better.

Functions of on the Web corporative Blog

We are going to see different objectives that are persecuted by means of the creation of a blog in a company webpage:


To publish articles on excellent activities of the company, as social sponsorships, acts, prizes to workers, etc. helps to reinforce the image of the Company.

It is important that these articles or posts come reinforced with elements multimedia as photographies or videos, to increase engagement. In addition it is necessary to think about them as reclamations for possible clients and means for the pick up of talent. For that reason he is vital that is of quality and they spread by social networks.


The blog comes to reinforce the contents and to explain of more detailed form products or services that we offer in our corporative webpage. Some technical articles, but exposed well, will cause that we gain confidence facing potential clients. Who see it, they will realize that we dominated perfectly what we offer and therefore, that we are a supplier in that to trust.

We affect the importance once again of which well they are done and they pass on value. Otherwise, the persecuted effect, can become all the opposite one.

Conversion and positioning

A post good written up from the point of view SEO, will cause that keyword is positioned for one makes specific. Normally in a post it is persecuted to position words longtail. If you remember, these keywords or rather keyphrases, are more specific, have a smaller number of searches, but on the contrary, they satisfy far better to the intention search of the user. This, after all, is translated in a greater CTR.

And speaking of CTR, the blog it is constituted as a very efficient channel at the time of satisfying an intention search of informative type. Therefore, it takes care of an initial stage in the conversion funnel, of which we spoke in episode 3 of the Customer Journey.

Conclusions on the Blog of Company

In our humble opinion, we are going to give a series you of considerations on the basis of the acquired experience. Nobody is in the absolute possession of the truth, but for that it is this blog, to which we invited to participate all that one that it wishes it:

The blog must be integrated within the Web

There is one that who decides to work in another domain the blog, separating it the Web. For us, this is an error. We are losing all the power of positioning that offers this tool to us that, to be integrated in the corporative Web, would be added to the one of this one.

It writes of what you dominate

It writes articles on what it worries to your client. Do it of clear, concise and forceful form. You do not try to use it against your competition, simply use it to offer a greater value and confidence than the rest. Differentiate to you and you emphasize by your know how.

Beam periodic publications

Although he is not bad to raise of blow a pile of posts, tries that your last article is not past of date. Otherwise, the impression that will take who goes to him, will be that the Web and therefore, the company, are unheeded. Beam that the information is alive.

It treats the blog as something strategic

It always writes looking for an objective, looking for to position a keyword, so a work of keyword research and analysis of your competition is necessary everything. To write to write, does not serve don't mention it. It always thinks about that who reads it is because she is looking for to solve some problem or to cover a necessity. Therefore it writes to help him. Next pon a CTA so that or it leaves its data you or remains with your company as a candidate to solve its needs.

Up to here. We could be hours and hours speaking of the blog, how writing up, how looking for thematic, but all headress to his aim. 

If you need something, if you have some doubt, you do use of the commentaries and leaves us to your opinion and suggestions. We promise to give an answer you.

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