BERT arrives. The new update of the algorithm of Google

Given the repercussion of this news, we have believed important to dedicate this podcast to a subject than more important. The new update of the algorithm of the web search engine of Google. For that reason, one more week, we skipped the titled series €œto create a Web that attracts clients€ to deal with subjects the present time that affect us to all those that we used Internet to obtain new clients.

BERT, new update in way.

As we shelp, Google finishes sending the last update of its algorithm. BERT is the name that he has given to his new update. BERT is the acronym of Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers.

At the moment not yet he affects to the searches realised in Spanish, but shortly he will arrive to remain. And, as it is normal, we see ourselves in the obligation transfer all our listeners, readers and clients, in what it is going to us to affect.

We have always passed on to our public who nor the best one of the SEOs is able to guarantee nothing, aside from using the best practices and the information of the greater possible present time.

You consider that the SEO does not only depend than we in the page do. They influence numerous external factors that we did not control of any way, as for example changes in the algorithms, appearance of new competitors and action in off page of others.

Towards where go does the algorithm of Google Search?

Pandu Nayak, Vice-president of Google the past sent 25 of October of 2019, an official notice, in which it explained the way that is following the equipment in charge to equip with intelligence to the search algorithm.

Although it is not much than we have been proclaiming from numerous Industry WEB in posts, yes that sheds a little more light on the matter and it will help us in our work to offer the best support in the matter of positioning to our clients.

Nayak throws some chilling numbers. The algorithm of Google Search, processes trillions of consultations every day. But between all those searches, approximately, 15% are new. That is to say, they had never seen them previously. Reason why he is incapable to anticipate itself as far as mechanisms able to offer the best result for the same.

It arrives Bert, the new update of the algorithm of Google

Therefore the strategic objective of Google is very clear: to understand better our language.

Already a long time ago we stopped speaking of searches and we concentrated more in the intentions. What is the same: not to interpret the searches of literal form, but to understand what is what the user tried to find. In other words, he does not matter how you write it, if not what is what you have meant.

In our episode X already we set out this aspect, reason why we invited to you to listen to it again. And if not yet you have done it, certainly it will help to understand better this one you in the one than we are.

Understanding how BERT works, the new algorithm of Google.

BERT is based on a system of neuronal networks oriented to the interpretation of the natural language (NPL).

The idea of this system is to forget the interpretation, word by word and to concentrate in the context. Of this form it will much more generate exact consultations to the data base.

BERT is Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers, but we are going to try to translate this for humans.

This goes of bidirectional codification in the language for transformations, which continues seeming foreign language, but already you will see as it is not thus. For that we will use examples very similar to which Nayak in its post used, previously mentioned.

Until now, in the world SEO it was spoken of prepositions that lack importance at the time of positioning one keyword. It gave the same to put trip to Madrid that Madrid Trip. And I invite to you to make the experiment.

But we return for the example that, surely will help to understand the change you that tries to print BERT. We will be all in agreement in which he is not the same to buy a ticket from Valencia to Madrid that from Madrid to Valencia.

If now we put a search in Google with the terms €œticket of airplane from valence to Madrid, the results are going to include not only the results from Valencia to Madrid, but also those from Madrid to Valencia.

Then of this the subject of the bidirectionality goes.

The new algorithm of Google, will transform this consultation having had into account the prepositions and the order of the words in the search

Since either there are saying, to day of today BERT it is learning English, but shortly we will have it or learning the second spoken language the more in the world.

Examples of the improvements contributed by the new algorithm of Google

For that reason, at the moment, cleared of the example that we of the trip from Valencia to Madrid have raised you, we will have ourselves to conform to other examples in English.

In one of the examples put by Nayak, a usuary assumption realises the following search in Google: Somebody Can remove medecines in a pharmacy for another person. Nayak raises the result to us of €œbefore and later€ being able to verify how

In €œbefore€, the result offered by Google little or nothing satisfies the search with the user. Safe, of course, that somebody has written a post oriented to position this query.

Into €œlater€, the result yes that will satisfy the search, since when understanding the intention search, will transform this query so that it will consider the order of the words at the time of looking for the best solution for the user.


The blog as tool will continue having importance to position keywords longtail. Possibly it will require of less work for the SEO, since now we must consider the bidirectionality.

Really, from his implantation in our language, it will allow us to carry out a more polished work in the matter of keywords, centering us in other aspects as the contents with greater contribution of value and less in having all the possible interpretations of the present algorithm.

Reason why, as final conclusion, particularly from Industry Web, we are not going to have necessity to realise change some in our clients. We always have worked totally aligned with the objectives of Google and totally moved away of call BLACK SEO. That is: tranquillity and to satisfy the possible searches with our potential clients.

Once again, we hoped to have been of utility and thrown salary something of light in relation to this subject of the present time. Next you will find the connection to ours podcasts.

And if you have any doubt, you can contact with us and we will solve it to you to the greater brevity.

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