What is the Linkbuilding? Part 2

Once we have seen the principles of the link building and all the elements that conform it and participate in the same, we are going to put in flour and to raise all the aspects necessary to start up a link campaign building.


As in everything in the life and still more here in the scope of digital marketing, first it is to mark what objectives we want to reach with our campaign of link building.

Despite we have to comment to you that, as already we shelp in the part number one of this podcast dedicated to link building, the things have changed. And they have changed not necessarily for worse, but to complicate the actions necessary to obtain a success campaign.

In fact, one of the handicap which we faced is to the difficulty to measure the results. Difficulty mainly due to the time that we must wait for while we undertake the actions and we began to see, or not to see, results. And by all means to that we will need or time or money to control it.

Tools specifically exist destined to study the evolution of the connections or backlinks of our page.

For example we can emphasize two between most important as they are Ahrefs and Majestic. Naturally each has its own metric ones and what we do not have to do it is to return to us crazy. In my opinion, the best thing is to remain with one and, of this form, to always have the same values. Ten in account that, most important, are to see the evolution and not to have left we with the numerical values.

But returning again to the establishment of the objectives of a campaign of Link building, we will have to plan action to short, half and long term.

It is very difficult to mark objectives speaking in generic terms. Each Web, each business, each sector, each page in particular, has some concrete needs. In fact, two SEOs we can have different criteria at the time of establishing the objectives for a same page.

In order to give an idea you, that you are listening to this program, or that you are reading this Post, an objective can consist of obtaining a position in the SERP for a keyword or a page in particular.

We do not forget or learned in the previous episode, where we shelp that one of the objectives of the Link building is to equip with authority to a page or domain.

Therefore by means of the election of a Anchor suitable Text and directing the connection to a page, whose context is centered in the scope of this text of anchor, we would have to obtain that this keyword improves its positioning and visibility.


Once defined the objectives, or what is the same, the key words and pages that we want to position or to improve its ranking in the SERP, we will have to undertake an initial analysis of these aspects to establish what action we could start up and as no. That is to say, what I connect and texts anchor to use and on what pages to act.

You do not lose of view at any moment, that to secure connections is not the objective. To secure connections is only the way to achieve an objective. Of there the importance of establishing previously these objectives. It remembers that the connections are expensive. Time and money and in that order cost not necessarily.

From here and only on the basis of our experience, we will recommend 5 techniques to you that can help you to define your strategy of backlinks.

1. To analyze the positioning of our main key words with respect to the competition

Those for which we considered that we have fact a good work and nevertheless our competition positions far better that we, will be the main candidates.

2. To study the connections that our competition uses

Once identified, we would have to value them and to try to secure those same connections, but with texts anchor of greater value and of pointing his connections towards worked good pages from the semantic point of view with respect to that Keyword.

We would not be due to be with all, with which they only contribute to major value. That is to say, those that are able to transfer a greater authority to us. More bond quality than amount.

3. To identify the factors of greater relevance of our sector

In all the sectors pages exist, publications and blogs of relevance. Normally usually it agrees with that they are the sites with greater relevance. That can be a starting point, still more if our competition does not have connections aiming at its site.

Sectorial bunds, magazines and other similar sites, are clear examples of places with great authority in their domains. In some coarse with having a good portfolio, to another this it would not be sufficient, being able even not to be not even necessary. Associating us to them, contributing contained of value and working the expensive face, we can achieve really important success for our website.

4. To realise a simple search by that keyword

Of this form we will rather identify sites good positioned, that are not indeed competing, but places to which to direct us to secure connections.

5. Tools SEO

These tools to us usually propose interesting sites to generate connections to our webpage. The selection and election are thing our.

Once we know clearly and defined the actions that we are going to undertake, the following step will be to select those sites from which we want to be connected.


A thing will be the connections that interest and very different other to us, those to which we can have access.

We understand that you do not have of a very great budget nor a relevance name brand like causes that the connections rain to you. For that reason the advice who we will give you is, once you have the list of sites from where you would like to be connected, nondiscardings no. Later already you will establish priorities on the basis of economic criteria.

Some will be attainable and another no. But first of all, an advice more. It thinks about great. Nondiscardings no possibility beforehand. More ahead we will give some ideas you to go to by all.

But before we see some possible criteria to realise this selection or prioritization:

1. Authority

Naturally we will begin classifying the connections based on its Authority. If we used the terminology of Majestic, trust flow is the value of confidence of the site that we want that it connects whereas in MoZ we would speak to us of Domain Authority.

Next we will prioritize by that they employ our competitors.

2. Types of admitted connections

Another aspect to contemplate is if the sites will allow connections of type dofollow or no. Ten in account that a naturalness landlord is what Google hopes of our scheme of connections. For this reason, if all our connections are Dofollow and in addition we have many, we could incur some type of penalty.

3. Anchor Texts

Also we would have to assure to us if texts is possible to define the anchor wished. In that case also raise a natural scheme to you that includes all the possible varieties.

4. Competition

Or what is the same: It is using Them your competition. This does not mean that if uses them, we have to go to by them and if it does not use them, there are them to discard. Before already we told you that this is only one track. It is possible that if does not use them, it is because they have not made a good link research or simply because they have bet by other options. But generally, if you secure connections of sites with greater authority than your competition, it would have to help you to surpass it easily.

5. Price

Little or nothing we must tell you of this factor. In the first place it is going to be direct function of your capacity of investment. Secondly, you must heft if, that investment, is going to be profitable. That is to say, it is going to help to you to reach the objectives. This is really difficult to value, but for it, you will have to lean in the previous criteria and, mainly, to risk.

Good€¦ we hope that you have not saturated yourself yet what we have seen until now. As everything, this is success-error and practice question.  And the practice makes teachers€¦

Now we are going to give 4 strategies to obtain backlinks you.


1. Quality

If your site has contents of great quality, you have much cattle. That can be your calling card to create posts for third parties that include connections to your site. It remembers that when we mentioned Quality, we talked about not only to that the contents well are written up as much semantically as syntactically, but they also are it from the point of view SEO. In addition, they will have to contribute value to the user and, as always, the thematic one will have to be related, as much with the one of the site in which it is published, as with the one of yours.

2. Relations

It takes advantage of your contacts. It studies his Webs or blogs and it compiles information on the thematic one, authority, etc€¦ Surely it will not be to you difficult to be able to publish articles in the same if, as we shelp previously, you contribute to value and content to them of quality.

3. Events

It publishes information on events as sectorial fairs or acts of relevance in the sector. Label to the organizers and gains its interest to you. From there beam that has you and with your contents. In connection it is guaranteed.

4. Purchase of connections

Although Google already has warned to us to near the restrictions and of the value of the bought connections, if your budget allows it to you, this technique can help you to improve your positioning enough. But you remember as much, that those connections will have to be of the type €œsponsored€ to avoid to be penalized, as the page that connects to you.


This of the link building, like everything what comes surrounding the SEO, is not something that supposes €œto raise fame and to throw to you to sleep€.

It is necessary to be above, to watch the movements of your competition, to analyze that your connections in force follow and to analyze that your actions have a repercussion in the positioning of your pages and keywords.

For that, you can use a pile of gratuitous tools (whenever you have time and discipline) or go to others of payment as AhRefs, Majestic, Sistrix or Semrush among others.


This of the link building is not nor as simple as they say some, nor as complex as it could seem to you beforehand.

From Industry Web we animated to you to start up your strategies. To advance little by little and, naturally, if you need help, here you can find us to make use to you.

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