Let help to us you with your decision.
€œa WEB is a strategic project. For that reason, first of all you need to know what you can hope of a webpage.€
Alberto Llopis
CMO Mipesa Enterprise Group

In INDUSTRY WEB we are an Industry that we make Webs for Industries. And first of all our obligation is to explain to you what a WEB can do by your Company. For it, we invited to you to listen to our Podcast, or if you prefer it, we told you in person.

You decide. He will enchant to help to us you.

We want to be your Agency of SEO and Design WEB from Valencia and for all Spain

Because most important of a Webpage of Company it is that they find you

You can have the best webpage of the world, much more impressive that your competitors. But who needs your Hosting services, it cannot find you in the finders, you are losing a pile of opportunities every day.

Positioning Web in valence

What we can do by you and by your Company?

they concern the results and for this reason, after more than 25 years of experience in Marketing and SEO in private enterprise, we have taken the step to be able to transfer all our knowledge to the rest of Companies.

In INDUSTRY WEB we did not dedicate to the design WEB. Our mission is that your business grows thanks to a strategy WEB based on SEO.

This means that we based the design WEB on search engine optimization. Of this form we make an optimal design thinking about the robots search and your future clients.

Already you have a WEB, but it does not attract new clients

You also do not worry€¦ we can help you.

Web does not attract client

€¦ If on the contrary, not yet you have taken the step or you consider to give a turn to the commercial strategy of your Company€¦

We will help with Dise±o of the Webpage of your Industry or Company you

And these will be the steps that we will give so that your WEB is a success WEB.

Analysis of the business

We need to know what you dedicate yourself, who are your clients and how they think and they act in the digital ecosystem.

Study of key words

We will find out how they look for your potential clients businesses as yours, who is your competition in the NETWORK and what strategies use to position themselves.

Creation of contents

The contents are one of the pillars that will catapult you to the success. For that reason we will dedicate a special attention to him.

Design of the webpage

We are going to try to reduce the costs of design, if therefore you require it, without losing of view the tendencies at every moment and harnessing your image in the sector.


By means of a suitable one and optimized internal structure of your unlimited hosting page and with the help in connected external of high quality, we will cause that your visibility in the finders positions to you over your competitors.


Everything what is not moderate, cannot be improved. Therefore we will leave everything in march, so that you can see the evolution of your page and we can take you to the first positions of the finders.


Every day that happens, you are losing the opportunity of which new clients find your Company in the network.
We are SEO and Design WEB in Valencia